2-Day Profit Intensive

So you found your way to this page, eh?

Well then let me show what this offer is, because it only happens 3x a year…

And the next opening is not until Q1 of 2023.

So one of the very lucrative skillsets I’ve been able to acquire over the years, is none other than beating controls.

I’ve done it in the health space, to allow my to grow my first business to 7 figures and sell it at 22.

I’ve done it in the biz app space, scaling one single offer to 2M/month… profitably on day 0.

I’ve done it with my own dog offers now, going from 0 sales on may 28 2022, to over 80k/month in sales just 110 days later.

It’s why 9 figure companies like lions publishing, ClariGenZ and celebrities like Jordan Belfort pay me ridiculous amounts of money to consult for them.

And so here’s what I’m offering, for the special few who can seize this opportunity.

A 2 day beat your control intensive.

It works like this:

For 2 full days, all we do is beat your control over and over again.

Ads, emails, funnels, backend, front end, phone team, branding, accounting, formulations…

Anywhere I can make you more money and profits, we beat the control.

And then you after 2 days you’ll walk away with more firepower to scale your business than ever before. Profitably.

Because all that matters is the amount of money you keep, not the amount you make.

Intensives are done in person, not virtually.

And depending on my travel schedule, I’ll come to you or you’ll come to me.

That’s it.

The cost is 25k.

I’ve done a few of these and they’ve worked out magnificently for both the client and myself.

In fact the last few clients I’ve done this with, turned into very lucrative business partnerships.

The rest of 2022 is booked up, but if you’re interested in joining one of the 2 reming spots in 2023, shoot me an email with the subject line: 2 day intensive – and we can see if it makes sense.

Here’s my email: peter@petertzemis.com