January 2021, I was hired by Evans-Welch Publishing to get their inbound closer offer back on track.

At the time it was doing around 500k/month and in the red.

Over the next 2 months, with the help of a few team members and mentors, I beat the control funnel multiple times…

Improving FE conversions by 110% without changing the copy, doubling the upsell rate, and writing new YT ads that got upwards 5x ROAS.

By March 2021, the company had its best month yet: 1,800,000.

Yes, that’s 1.8M per MONTH.

And that was only able to happen so quickly because of one thing: split test wins.

This blog is a record of all that, and more.

Here you’ll find all the best proven, in-the-trenches split test wins (and losses) to make more sales, convert more customers…

And put more money in your bank account as fast as possible.


P.s. If you want to know more about me, you can head over to my personal blog petertzemis.com

But for a quick synopsis of my internet marketing career…

2015, I end up in Vegas, as an underage kid at my first ever internet marketing event. I was 19. It was called digital millionaire live, by none other than Jason Capital. Here I learned about the info product business and direct response marketing. I also met some amazing peeps, including a young Mike Abramov (who was also 19 at the time).

In 2016, I launched my first successful info-product, Anabolic Stretching, while finished my Biology degree at University. That info product turned into an entire over-40 brand with multiple programs and backend membership site. I sold that business 2018 when I was 22.

2018: After taking some I time off, I went on to continue my internet marketing education in the SEO/organic marketing space. There I helped build multiple health supplement review (bodynutrition.org ; cpoe.org ; healthtrends.com ) sites to 80k/month in profit, completely passively. 

In late 2019 I returned back to the copywriting/DR world and went into freelancing and consulting for the next 18 months. Most notably I wrote and consulted for Jordan Belfort and I was one of two copywriters behind the Traffic and funnels offer Inbound Closer offer, which we scaled to 2m/month on just 500k/mo of adspend – all on Youtube, which ran for nearly 24 months. 

In 2021, after travelling for nearly 8 months straight, I published my #1 Amazon Bestseller: The 77 Laws Of Six Pack Abs, and I began my pivot back to entrepreneurship. 

This is when I launched my now infamous split testing blog, that you currently reading and spoke at Stefan Georgi’s event, Copy Accelerator in Scottsdale.

I also acquired a hefty 33% stake in the world renowned health blog romanfitnesssystems.com, where I’m guiding the SEO side like we did with the other health supplement review websites.

In 2022, Cody and I launched the supplement millionaire mastermind. I also launched the first ever pets offer on clickbank and my Ecom dog brand Pup Labs, which now profitably scaling on cold traffic (80k/month as of 09/13/22) as well as Slim Sciences, a new supplement company.

And if I didn’t have enough going on, Phase 1 (of 3) of my new mens mental health clothing brand: Hot Guys Do Therapy, is just about to launch and completely take over.