3 Profit Maximizers To Optimize Your ROI And Scale Your Business

When selling products online, our goal is two fold.

First, to ensure we turn prospects into customers.

And second, to have those customers spend as much money as possible.


Because not only do they get more of our awesome products (to change their life – because as marketers who sell awesome products, that’s what we’re here to do)…

But by spending max cash, we have capital to grow and scale our business – so that we reach more people, who buy more of our stuff, and have their lives changed, and grow the business, and the cycle continues on.

About 2 months ago I did a presentation to my supplement mastermind that involved not 1… not 5…

But 11 profit maximizers… that helped to just this.

And get 50% of people to take your VIP offer (your most expensive package).

In the case of supplements, that’s always the 6 bottle option.

Today, I’m going to share 3 profit maximizers with you.

Profit Maximizer #1:
The “Why Buy 6” Box

This one’s pretty simple, and looks like this:

Essentially what we want to do here is restate the main differentiators of buying 6 bottles or the VIP package (if you don’t sell supplements).

This gives just a little but more firepower to the VIP offer and helps force the hand of people who are hesitant, and turn them into buyers.

Because the dark secret of persuasion is this: people really like being told to do.

In fact, they secretly crave it.

And often, people just need a little bit of a reason to do something. And it doesn’t even matter why.

If you really want to test this out, walk into any Starbucks or coffee shop and cut the entire line. When you get to the front, tell the person you are cutting that have a really important meeting. And watch them turn from really pissed off, to totally cool with you cutting them.

(Humans are weird, I know)

So ultimately, the simplest way to get people to spend more money is…

Tell them too 😱

And then give them a special reason to do so, so that their logical brain justifies their emotional brain behaviour.

And the reason can be anything – just read the copy above.

Profit Maximizer #2:
Villains & Scarcity

Scarcity. One of the most proven influence triggers first on the planet. I first heard about it from Robert Cialdini, but it goes back to the dawn of man.

The first story of the Bible is about eating the forbidden (scarce) fruit.

Then in the caveman days, it had to do with resources like food and water. And you can bet that limited resources certainly created a scarcity that initiated fast action.

When people end relationship (or are near ending them) they start to do crazy things. The “resource” (the emotional bond) is becoming scarce and about to disappear.

I could go on, but the point is this: Scarcity is wired into our DNA, and the result is action.

In copy, we want to initiative this primal fear of resources disappearing.

And in this case, the resources are the dreams and desires of the prospect that are built into the product you are selling.

So when you rip it away, or paint the picture of it disappearing, it creates that similar level of primal fear. And spurs action.

Now scarcity can come in many forms through the written word. You can limit the amount of product sold, increase the price, eliminate a discount, etc.

But that type of scarcity is in control of the business owner. And the prospect knows that. It’s not as powerful.

Some of the most powerful scarcity comes from when the scarcity has nothing to do with the business. Its environmental forces outside of their control.

I call it “environmental scarcity”

In supplement copy (or any physical product) you can talk about shipping delays as “environmental scarcity”. But that’s level one.

And here at BYC, we go deeper than that.

Instead, you can talk about how ingredients are hard to source, because they come from the Himilayan mountains.

How your manufacturing process is unique and proprietary, limiting production.

How COGS are rising, straining production. Or how products are flying off the shelves.

And the best one…

How the Villains (Big Pharma in this case) are knocking on your door, trying to shut you down.

These “environmental scarcity triggers” are completely out of the prospects (and business owner’s control)…

Which leads to real, primal, fear based scarcity – that spurs action and floods your bank account 💰.

Profit Maximizer #3:

The VIP inception

Now this profit maximizer comes from NLP. See in NLP, there’s a theory that the more someone see’s something, say an image or phrase, the more they feel comfortable with this image.

And in buying psychology, we know that customers who feel comfortable and safe, buy more. And buy a lot.

Trust = Money.

And so the 6 bottle inception is designed to create that familiarity and trust, with your VIP offer.

Here’s how it works.

Wherever there’s an image on your page of your product, I want you to put the most expensive package as that image. Your VIP offer.

In supplements, that often means turning 1 bottle images into 6 bottle images.

And yes, I mean everywhere. Whether it’s a testimonial or just showcasing your products, I want you to make sure that it’s a 6 bottle image.

Pour Conclure

These profit maximizers are how we routinely get 50% take rates on our VIP package – the 6 bottle option – on our sales pages.

Nothing happens without action, and these profit maximizers are designed to get you a lot more action (and money).

Install them into your marketing.

And watch the profits roll in!