The Even Bottle Strategy: The NEW Way To Maximize Supplement AOV

Man, it’s been a while.

And boy do I have a some split test win’s lined up for you.

This one – I’m certain you’ve never seen before (unless you’re in the supplement millionaire mastermind of course.

Just remember, when you see this split test win pop up everywhere in the next few months…

This is where you first saw it 😉.

But before we get to that, I want to tell you about the #1 disease killing your profits in your business…

(and if you’re a smart marketer, you’ll see how this doesn’t apply to supplements).

The Supplement Disease Killing Your Profits

For those that don’t know, I have a science degree in Biology (BHSc)…

which has given me certain skillsets.

One of those skillsets is identifying diseases.

And In the supplement space, there’s a toxic, widespread disease…

Infecting 99% of businesses…

Stealing your profits…

And handicapping your ability to grow.

This disease?

The ONE bottle buyer.

One Bottle Buyers (OBBs) are notoriously bad for AOVs.

OBBs refund a lot, contribute poorly to the AOV, don’t buy upsells, and complain a lot to customer service.

They’re most likely to unsubscribe from your list as well as report you to spam.

Every funnel has 1/6/3

So the typical way to sell supplements is the 1/6/3 model, which looks like the above image.

You pitch the customer a one bottle at a high price point, a three bottle at a moderate price point

And a 6 bottle at a steep discount. Smart marketers will also add free shipping and bonuses to 6 bottle options.

The problem though: that doesn’t always work…

Just look in the Clickbank graveyard with the thousands of dead offers.

But even more of an issue: that’s what everyone does.

And if market sophistication tells us anything, it’s that if everyone is doing something, it’s going to need to be innovated on at some point.

Plus it doesn’t solve the big issue: one bottle buyer disease.

So, the question became…

How do we get rid of one bottle buyers, without hurting the rest of the funnel?


The Even Bottle Strategy: 2/6/4

The even bottle strategy is very simple. Instead of pitched 1/6/3, you pitch 2/6/4. It looks like this.

As you can see, the price point is the same, the design is identical…

The only difference, the entry to buy is now DOUBLE what it was before.

All the one bottle buyers, begone.

The Results

I know ya’ll are curious about the results, so enough foreplay.

Compared to the original funnel of 1/6/3…

The even bottle strategy, based off the hypothesis of eliminating the biggest disease known to supplements: the one bottle buyer…

The even bottle strategy added not $10…

Not $20…

But $27 to the AOV!

Yes, that’s $27 more per customer. Just by changing the offer structure.

And I know some of you are wondering about the conversion rate.

Here’s the kicker.

The conversion rate DID NOT DROP.

Yes, it did not change. Despite essentially doubling the front end barrier to entry.

Next Steps

Look in all transparency, we’ve only run this test on one funnel. Sure it was really good volume, on an 8-figure offer.

But if the results even hold up a bit, it’s going to be the gold standard in the industry in a few months time…

And my bet is that you’ll see this test win everywhere in the next few months.

So best be getting on it sooner rather than later.

Plus there’s a bigger lesson in all of this: when everyone is going one way, go the opposite.

Stop with these little tests that might move the needle.

Go for the big swings, the grand slams, that will either fail, or change the fucking game.

Test it and email me the results:


P.s. This split test was first shared in my mastermind months ago, then on stage at Brett Fairall’s event GIVE (which was fucking awesome).

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