Creating 100M VSLs & Ads With Stefan Banika

In this short interview, I chat with Stefan Banika. He’s the founder of C4 Media, a world class video production company. He specializes in high converting VSLs, ads, and content. (in fact, he’s grown my own organic content to 375k followers in just 10 months) He’s worked with the likes of Kinobody, Jordan Peterson, Brandon … Read more

Week 4/5: Getting Shredded

Wanted to drop a quick update here as the last 2 weeks have been off. At the beginning of week 4 I injured my shoulder boxing… And then once it healed about a week later… I got the flu 🙁 So it’s been an off two weeks to say the least. However, I still did … Read more

Week 3: Getting Shredded

Alright so week 3 has been completed. Almost a month now has passed and we’re doing well. But we can definitely improve. Let’s take a look in depth. Stats/Pics Week 3 Note: Everything below is compared to the previous weeks stats. Weight: 214 (+/- 0lbs) Note: even though I didn’t lose a pound, I lost … Read more

How to get rich AF via internet monies

This is a very, long overdue post. Let me preface by saying, I’m not rich. At least not according to Felix Denis’ standards. But I do okay. And in today’s (very short), late night post, I want to show you how the path to making some moulah on the interwebz. Working anywhere in the world … Read more

Week 2: Getting Shredded

Alright so we’re well into the diet now. If you missed the past posts of this series, here they are: Week 0 Update Week 1 Update Stats/Pics Week 2 Note: Everything below is compared to the previous weeks stats. Weight: 214lbs (+0.5lbs) Waist: 38.75in (-0.75in) BF%: Closer to 14%. (I don’t really have an accurate way … Read more

Week 1: Get Shredded Update

Monday morning check in time. I’ll likely do these on Sunday night moving forward but today we’ll keep it as is. This will be the first official week of the cut… even though I started a week ago. Here’s week 0’s post if you missed it. Anyways, let’s get into this week. Current Stats Note: … Read more

Cheeky Checkout Page Split Test Adds An Extra $4,380,000

Today’s post comes from my good friend Stefan Georgi. Enjoy! PT If you missed the news yesterday…We launched a major new component to that’s titled “Learning”… And while that’s kind of a generic name…The trainings inside are anything but boring. For example, this morning I was watching one of the trainings called “9 Cheeky Split Test Winners”… … Read more

29 Lessons from 29 years of life

So it’s been a minute… (I tend to do that a lot, disappear, then reappear with gold) Soooooo I’m back for a bit. I’m gonna make these posts a bit more regular moving forward. Ideally weekly, which will include a mix of interviews, breakdown videos and long form articles… But… One thing I will be … Read more