Email case study breakdown: 5 emails, $47,083 extra generated.

Hey guys, Some of you may know that I run a small mentorship coaching program with absolute killers (if you’re interested, feel free to reach out: – but there’s a waiting list). And today I want to highlight one of my students, because they got life changing results for their client, and hit that elite … Read more

3 lessons from our first Supplement Millionaire Live event

So last week we ran our first live event, Supplement Millionaire Live. It was amazing!  Over 120 people came out to support, with world class speakers, affiliates, and supplement manufacturers all networking together. Dinner later was top notch as well, with over 100 attendees.  It was the place to be at ASW, especially if you … Read more

28 of the best copywriters to follow in 2023

So last year this post caused quite a ruckus in the IM world. It went viral all over Reddit, Facebook, and multiple telegram chats, resulting in thousands of hits a day for weeks (and even now, it still gets a ton of traffic). It even, somehow, caused many copywriters to have temporary reading disorders for … Read more