The dark, isolating, side of entrepreneurship when everything goes right

It’s 10am monday morning. The busiest work day and time of the week.

Yet, I have nothing to actually do.

Offers are running strong.

The teams are handling everything.

My job is done. I’ve built the system and now it’s running.

So now what?

Sure I could write a new VSL. I could try to micro-manage. I could do any number of X tasks that the team is on.

But then I’d be taking it away from them. And doing a disservice to me. And what I’ve built.

Because isn’t building the machine the point? So you can do whatever it is you want?

The irony is I’ve been a slave to work for nearly a decade. Working 12+ hours per day. I’m addicted to “feeling the work”.

But as I’ve built the brands, I’ve started to work less and less.

And it freaks me the fuck out!

If I’m not working, do I have any value to the company?

If I don’t have value to the company, and I even valuable as a human?

These are the dark, hard thoughts that creep into my mind at 10am on a Monday morning.

And sure, not every Monday is like this.

But lately, more and more days are less intense. Because the machine is built.

I’m not stupid enough to think I can slow down just yet – I’m not rich enough. But we are quickly approaching that time.

So what do I do?

I continue to become more and more innovative. And do what I’m best at: Ideation + creation.

I continue to work on my inner money, women, and life demons by doing corrections with Brent.

I start to look at how I can improve my leverage and status so I can work less and make even more money.

I do a lot more thinking time on specific problem areas.

The real genius behind entrepreneurship isn’t the thing. It’s visualizing the thing before it even exists in the world. Then birthing it so the world can experience your gift.

True entrepreneurs are rare. Because their are six ingredients that require you to be successful:

  1. Luck (you’re born with it or you’re not)
  2. Grit (this can be developed)
  3. Timing (hard to control but you can pay attention to world patterns)
  4. Recognizing opportunity (ideation)
  5. Seizing opportunity (action)
  6. Trauma (the right type. Not enough to fuck you up so bad you can act, but enough to drive you every single day. Again, impossible to control)

These 6 traits are nearly impossible to ensure. So when someone does come along with these, it’s truly a gift to the world.

And it should be treated as such. Not wasted.

In reality, I wasn’t sure what the point of this post was. But I think now I realize it’s for me.

To understand my demons more. To work on more projects that aren’t as urgent. To truly step into my creative and let my art shine. And to execute on the fundamentals day in and day out, whether I feel like it or not. Because like I said, I’m not rich enough (yet) to take my foot off the gas pedal.

But most importantly, to start to build a real life. Outside of just “working hard”. And continue to execute on my dreams.

Because I’m (slowly) learning to love myself enough to give myself everything I ever wanted. And you should too.


P.s. That sounds like a good thinking time question to answer:

“If I loved myself enough to give myself everything I ever wanted, what would I give myself?”