Week 1: Get Shredded Update

Monday morning check in time. I’ll likely do these on Sunday night moving forward but today we’ll keep it as is.

This will be the first official week of the cut… even though I started a week ago.

Here’s week 0’s post if you missed it.

Anyways, let’s get into this week.

Current Stats

Note: Everything below is compared to the previous weeks stats.

Weight: 213.7lbs (-7lbs)

Waist: 39.5in (-0.5lbs)

BF%: Closer to 15-16%. (I don’t really have an accurate way to measure this yet in Colombia, so I’m just going off pictures)


What’s going well

Overall I feel good. There was definitely a bit of brain fog from the beginning of the transition away from carbs. That’s normal.

But I tend to tolerate a low carb diet really well, so it’s not bad.

Normally I have sleep issues from a transition like this, but I’ve fought that off with 3 things:

  1. hitting 12k/steps per day
  2. working out hard
  3. heavy dosage of minerals throughout the day and before bed

One of the main issues of low(er) carb dieting is that your body stops holding onto water. That water gets peed out, but usually is storing minerals. So you tend to be more mineral deficient, which leads to mood swings, cravings, irritability, etc. Especially when you’re lower in calories as well.

To combat this I’ve been pretty much downing nano-minerals from Upgraded Formulas. Here’s my current stack (missing in photo: nano-magnesium)

Basically 1 serving of each every single morning mixed in with 1-2 cups of carbonated water + lime. I’ll sometimes take more updated charge later on in the day as well if I’m feeling fatigued.

Before bed I’m also taking a heavy dose of nano-magnesium. 600mg/night (6 droppers full). I’ll continue to titrate up to 1g realistically.

Also I’m down 7 lbs, which is dope! I’m guessing about 5-6lbs of that is water, so only 1-2lbs of fat loss this week. A good start. I say fat loss because my waist circumference is down about 0.5inches. 1 inch is about 4lbs of fat loss so this falls within range of the 1-2lbs fat loss this week.

Another big win: We had a huge launch party for my sex chocolate brand, which was filled with delicious food, models and booze. I can proudly say I legit say I abstained from nearly everything (although I did 1 shot of aguardiente and had a bit of sex chocolate). It was certainly tough, but hyper rewarding since I showed myself how committed I am to my long term goal here. I did take a small micro-dose of shrooms to make me a bit more social.

What can I do better/improve on

Honestly not much. Everything has been nearly perfect. I could lower the fats slightly and eat a bit less dark chocolate. However if I can keep up the 1-2lbs of fat loss per week, then it’s not even worth tightening up right now.

As we get deeper into the diet (4-6 weeks in) I’ll likely need to adjust. The more I think about it, I really need to be on this for about 8-12 weeks. Then 4-6 weeks of very strict maintenance mode so that my body and identity adjusts. The worst thing that could happen is achieving my goal, and rebounding after. That’s simply a failure of a post diet plan.

Like anything you achieve, you need time after to accept your new reality. As we get closer, I’ll outline what that will look like.

Adjustments I’m making

I’ll add in creatine this week as well for energy purposes. This will help since the carbs in my system are basically at 0 by this point. 5g/day.

I’ll also increase my testosterone dosage from ~140mg/wk to ~160/wk. This will help retain muscle as I continue to aggressively cut. I’ll continue with my HIIT training/cardio to keep red blood cells in check.

Pour Conclure

This was a solid first week. Some nice quick wins both physiologically and psychologically which helps a lot. Quick wins when you’re starting out often dictates the success/failure of your retention on said plan.

The only thing left to do now is to continue to execute and win every single day. String enough daily wins together and in no time I’ll have hit my goal 🙂