Week 0: Getting Shredded Prep & Plan

This will be the first post in (what I hope to be) years to split testing health hacks to share with you guys.

Because let’s face it, without health we got nothing.

So recently (4 days ago) a girl I was seeing, broke my heart.

She cheated on me with her ex-boyfriend. Fan-fucking-tastic start to 2024.

(In all honesty, this is a huge blessing in disguise)

But this was the last little motivation I needed to go get fucking diced.

So the next 8 weeks I’m going to be giving weekly updates on the progress.

But let me walk you through the plan, developed by none other than Luke Voigt (who also happens to own the best mushroom supplement company on the planet lionsmaneextracts.com)

Official Start Date Will Is Monday Jan 29th, 2024. But I will begin back cutting carbs today (Jan 25).


Lose 20-25lbs. That’s about 2.5lbs per week.

Get my waist to 32 inches.

Im guessing that’ll be about 15lbs of fat and 5-7lbs of other stuff.

It’s unlikely I’ll lose muscle (possibly 1 pound) given my genetics and drug protocol (more on that below).

Current Numbers & Pics

Weight: 218lbs

Waist: 40 inch (measured at belly button)

BF %: 16-18% roughly


The Plan


I will be doing a low/zero carb diet. I find its the most effective for getting shredded (for me). Especially since I’m enhanced (aka drugs).

It also crushes my appetite and cravings, which are the biggest problem for me. And keeps blood sugar levels nil – which means more fat mobilization.

Do I have to do this? No. I just find it the most effective FOR ME. And the point is to get sliced as fuck, not necessarily be healthy. Although losing an extra 20lbs and not eating chips at night will certainly help.

I will lean towards a mostly carnivore diet, but I won’t go full blown carnivore.

This will keep fats a bit lower and strip off more belly fat and problem areas faster.

While calories do matter, I doubt I’ll be able to eat enough meat to go over. But I’ll be targeting about 2500 calories or so.


Pretty simple

  1. 3x week weight lifting with my trainer. I’ll push as hard as I can, and if I feel like shit I’ll dial it back. This is mostly just to prevent muscle loss and keep heart health up.
  2. Boxing: 1-2x per week. For heart health and burning belly fat. Will add as needed
  3. Salsa/bachata classes: An easy way for me to burn extra calories without being too intense. And it’s fun!

Supps / Drugs

This is where the fun begins.

Full disclosure I am not natty (why would I be? That’s a discussion for another time)

So let’s split this into supps and drugs.

(note: this program will work if you’re natty, it’s just easier/faster if you’re not)


Athletic Greens / AG1 – greens powder, vitamins, basic staple

Beef Organs Capsules – micro nutrients maximization

Triton Fish Oil 2-4g daily – omega 3s to counteract all the red meat, and help lower overall inflammation.

Upgraded Charge + Trace minerals – Minerals for satiety, brain function, energy, etc. Super important during low carb diets. Unlimited amount of this

Upgraded Metabolism + Peak Thyroid – Minerals for maximum weight loss and energy. Unlimited amount of this

Upgraded Magnesium – Clinical trial magnesium for sleep, going to try to get up to 1g/day of mag.

Keto IQ (optional) – helps with energy on low carb diet until fully keto adapted

Protein powder (optional) – a good snack. Whey bloats me so im doing 100% beef isolate.


Testosterone Enanthate – 180mg/week divided into 3 injections

HCG – 50ius daily (skip on TRT injection days)

Desiccated thyroid – 90mg/daily (weight loss, energy, counteract low dieting energy down regulation, hashimotos)

T3 – 12.5mcg/daily (weight loss, energy, counteract low dieting energy down regulation, hashimotos)

Nicotine – Helps to melt fat, focus etc. I like either Lucy gum, pouches, or nicorette. Likely I’ll just smoke cigars though in colombia.

Peptides – To be determined. Possibly a cycle of TBT-500 + BPC 157 for recovery + gut health. Maybe some other IGF1 stimulators.