Jan 2024 Update: Pup Labs, VSL Agency, Exiting My Mastermind, And The Expansion Of BYC

1 month has already gone by in 2024. 

So I felt it was an appropriate time to share some updates with ya’ll. 

First things first:

Beat Your Control Blog – Expansion

I will be continuing to share split test wins, losses, my talks etc.

But I will be expanding further into a variety of topics. 

The first one being health split tests. 

I’m talking about biohacking and physical fitness (not supplement VSLs lol)

​My first post in that category is here​

^This post starts the next 8 weeks for me, where I will be getting absolutely ridiculously shredded. 

I’ve split tested a lot over the years, and this diet + training + supplement + drug protocol (yes, I’m not natty – why would I be?) is the winner (IMO).

This is also a way for me to keep myself accountable 😉

So I’ll be posting updates weekly, with adjustments to the protocol.

I’ll also be writing more about entrepreneurship, dating/relationships, and the inner game being a business owner. 

I can confidently say, without a doubt that after 3 years of working with my coach on just the inner game, it has been the most impactful thing I’ve done in terms of making more money and getting what I want out of business.

Another topic I will eventually write on is business offshore/taxes. I’ve been able to successfully navigate this the past year and have learned a lot in the process. I’ll share some insights when the time is right.


Pup Labs – My direct response/branded ecom hybrid biz is starting the year of strong. I’m gonna continue to grow this to 8 figures and beyond this year (while staying profitable of course). As well as continue to push the branding/ecom side of things not that it’s in a better position. There are so many lessons in the first 2 years of this business that I’d love to share (but I’m going to wait for that one).

Hot Guys Do Therapy – This is a clothing brand for men’s mental health. I’ve been sitting on it for a few years now, testing new merchandise, doing photoshoots with models, etc. but I think this is the year to start pushing it forward. For reference, I’m not expecting this brand to make a single dollar for me. It’s a not for profit and a passion project of mine. Ironically it’s T-ing up to be biggest brand (more on that later).

Kama Euphoric – This is a sex chocolate company I’m a part owner/investor of. I’m mostly here to offer advice and learn what it’s like to be an investor. And of course go to all the sex chocolate parties!

Upgraded Formulas – This is a supplement company I run with Barton Scott, one of the biggest health influencers on the planet. We have the best supplements, clinical trials, and a strong foundation for growth. Together we’ll take this brand to a 100M exit in the next few years.

One-Off VSL Offers

I’ve got a few offers launching this year. One already has and is absolutely smashing (I’ll share more in the future), but the plan is too launch 4 more this year in a variety of categories which I will keep to myself for now. If I can get to 50M this year in sales across these 5 offers (low end IMO), then I’ll be flooded with cash for some of my slower growing projects.

Video Production Company

What?? I have a production company? 

Yes. I’ve kept it super quiet, because originally it was just for me to build an in-house team to produce world class VSLs, ads, podcasts, ecom content (we grew pup labs to 230k on TT and 100k on IG in 6 months) etc. 

But my friends heard about it, and started asking to use the team. And now it’s become a full fledged creative agency. 

It’s produced some of the biggest VSLs on the planet, wtih multiple 9 figure clients on board.

My goal is continue to grow it, but by leading from the front with my own high converting VSLs, ads and brands.

I’ve got a rockstar business partner who can handle the rest.

If you’re interested in getting stuff produced, just email me: peter@petertzemis.com or ​visit this page ​


As of right now, I’m not longer offering consulting. The only 3 people I currently have are the ones that have been with me and were grandfathered in. If you’d like my 1 on 1 time, there are other ways to get, but you’ll need to get really creative. I also have 1 more spot left this year for ​my high end 2 day business intensive​ for those with deep pockets and a willingness to travel to Medellin, Colombia.


As of December 31, 2023 I left my Supplement Millionaire Mastermind. It was a hard choice, but I was no longer aligned wtih it. It’s a phenomenal program and anyone interested should reach out to Cody and his team. I have no future plans to do a mastermind (but if there was going to be one, it would be done here in Medellin, Colombia with 10 people max. Super high end, luxurious, during Medellin fashion week 😉)

To Conclude:

A lot is changing and a lot is staying the same. I think 2024 will create catastrophic shifts in internet marketing and only those willing to adapt and pivot fast enough will survive (they’ll be rewarded handsomely for it). 

Those that don’t, well this will probably the last year you’re in business. The time has passed for half-assed internet marketers to make -it online. AI + easy of access + competition + stricter media regulations is why. 

As of 2024 and beyond you have to actually be good at your job (what a shocker, I know). And if you aren’t good (yet), go find a mentor (not me) or a company you can grow with. 

One thing is for certain though: 2024 will be my best year yet x10 across all realms of human endeavour.