Week 2: Getting Shredded

Alright so we’re well into the diet now. If you missed the past posts of this series, here they are:

Week 0 Update

Week 1 Update

Stats/Pics Week 2

Note: Everything below is compared to the previous weeks stats.

Weight: 214lbs (+0.5lbs)

Waist: 38.75in (-0.75in)

BF%: Closer to 14%. (I don’t really have an accurate way to measure this yet in Colombia, so I’m just going off pictures)




What’s going well

Everything is going phenomenal. One of the big advantages of low/zero carb dieting is the high-satiety effect.

Without the blood sugar rollercoaster, I’m just not as hungry. Even at low calories.

There’s been days this week where I’ve legit eaten 1600cals. And not hungry.

Of course this is person-specific. Aka you need to figure out the correct diet for you and your uniqueness. It’s called split testing ;).

I suspect I’ll need to continue for another 6-7 weeks to hit my goals. Should be close to 8-10% by then. It looks like 0.5-1% BF lost per week & 1-3lbs. This is a solid, and fast, fat loss pace.

This week my weight stayed the same (although could be the superbowl sunday chicken wing feast) but my waist was down 0.75 inches. This shows tremendous amount of fat loss. And that I’m holding on to muscle well. Plus I started to introduce creatine yesterday which is probably holding a bit of water.

I also did a good job of listening to my body this week. On Tuesday I pushed myself too hard. Wednesday was a. rough go. And instead of pushing through I took it easy and did stretching and deep tissue work. 10/10 the right decision.

What I can improve on

One thing I could do better is reduce the amount of fatty foods I’m having. A little too much bacon last week. The goal is to get shredded, and even though this is low carb, bacon is not helping.

I’ve also not been 100% compliant with my supplement /drug stack. That will be fixed this week.

Adjustments I’m making

First I’m adding creatine. This will help with the energy drain of being on a low carb diet.

Second I’m micro-dosing Cialis. There’s a ton of amazing benefits of low dose Cialis, including improved blood pressure, oxygen delivery, protection against prostate growth; and of course the fun stuff ;). Started at 1.5mg/daily but not too much benefits. Will be starting 3mg tmrw daily.

Everything else stays the same. See last week’s post for the full stack.

Pour Conclure

This is the point in the diet where I’m already starting to look good. And it makes it easier to ease up and slack a bit.

This is not an option.

I’m actively choosing to ignore this and simply putting my head down and following the process.

Remember getting shredded is simple:

Eliminate carbs + keep calories moderate + move 10k steps day + time = 6 pack abs

Training / drugs / supps is just icing on the cake.