Week 3: Getting Shredded

Alright so week 3 has been completed. Almost a month now has passed and we’re doing well. But we can definitely improve. Let’s take a look in depth.

Stats/Pics Week 3

Note: Everything below is compared to the previous weeks stats.

Weight: 214 (+/- 0lbs)

Note: even though I didn’t lose a pound, I lost a bit on my waist. And the photos are showing progress. Again that’s more important to me than a scale number because it indicates pure fat loss. (aka what we’re going after)

Waist: 38.5in (-0.25in)

BF%: ~14%

Front (4 pack peeking in)


Back (v-taper coming in nicely)

What’s going well

Overall sticking to the diet has been easy. Abstinence is easier than moderation. At least for dieting. I did have 3 bites of ice cream this week, but it was on a date. And I didn’t feel addicted to it. Which was reliving. It was still delicious, but I didn’t need it. This is a HUGE win and shows that a lot of the sugar craving bacteria has died off in my system.

Don’t get me wrong. I miss carbs terribly. Mainly for the gym. But I definitely feel fine without them. And it’s almost effortless to lose weight when I don’t eat them.

What I can improve

The biggest thing I can do is tighten up my diet. I’ve been a touch loose in terms of how strict I am with the food choices, quantity and carbs sneaking in (potatoes in chicken soup for example). I can also lower the amount of chocolate I’m consuming.

We’re at a point where a severe tightening of the diet will show wonders in 2 weeks. And will likely shorten the cut dramatically.

Adjustments I’m making

This week, my shoulder is injured. So I’ll be taking easier in the gym. And dieting harder. I may even do a 24 hour fast to push the fat loss even further.

The remainder of my fat is mostly in the lower belly fat. And I’ll need to push the fat loss hard to get rid of those stubborn fat stores.

No supplement/drug changes for now. It’s still HCG/Thyroid/Test/Cialis as 4 horseman. This is the main reason I haven’t lost any muscle. Outside of having phenomenal genetics and training hard. Don’t expect to retain muscle/strength on this diet like me unless you are also genetically blessed and/or enhanced.

Pour Conclure

The diet is getting boring. I miss carbs. This is the point of quitting or doubling down. It’s where I dig into my “why” and push harder. I would say another 5 hard weeks here and I’ll be looking pretty fucking sliced. But that’s a tough task. It’s going to take more mental fortitude.

What I’ll likely do is push this diet hard for another 5 weeks. Then add in carbs but keep the calories super tight. At maintenance or just below. I may also just say fuck it and keep pushing well into April.

My mood is certainly not as good. And I’m becoming mentally fatigued. But I have a goal that I want to reach, so I’m going to do what I have to do. Whether I want to or not.