Week 4/5: Getting Shredded

Wanted to drop a quick update here as the last 2 weeks have been off.

At the beginning of week 4 I injured my shoulder boxing…

And then once it healed about a week later…

I got the flu 🙁

So it’s been an off two weeks to say the least.

However, I still did manage to lose weight/inches!

(here is last weeks post if you’re interested)

Current Stats

Note: Everything below is compared to the previous weeks stats.

Weight: 210lbs (-4lbs) (this is me with carbs in the system. Likely closer to 208lbs)

Waist:38 in (-0.5in)

BF %: 14% roughly


Front (belly needs some tightening)


Back (starting to tighten up nicely here)

What’s going well

I’ve continued to lose weight + inches over the last 2 weeks. That’s been great! It’s always nice to make progress after being off from the gym for 2 weeks. That’s likely due to 3 factors: very strong hormone/drug profile, a lot of non-exercise activity (aka walking, sex, hiking), and eating less because of the flu.

The one nice thing was that I was eating some carbs after the flu, and the gym pump was awesome. I miss that, a lot.

What needs improving

Everything needs to simply get back on track. Although, it was abundantly clear that eating carbs has no effect on me if I’m low in calories. Always nice to be reaffirmed.

This week, my plan is to do a small mini-fast (1-3 days) to help reset everything. And then I’ll go back to eating low carb.

Pour Conclure

Not everything will go as planned, and it’s important not to derail when things go off course.

I did a good job of not totally fucking my diet when I couldn’t train. And not get too beat up about the lack of exercise. I simply increased my non-gym activity levels.

Small adjustments to an already excellent plan that was slightly thrown off track. There’s a life lesson in that.