New book, FB’s Meltdown Lesson & A Weird YT Split Test Win

I’ve been a bit busy designing the future of BYC with the help
of my good friend Mike Shauer who runs

So that we can create the premier resource for split testing and optimizations in all of internet marketing (not just DR).

But before we get into that, first I want to welcome all the new faces to BYC!

Ever since Copy Accelerator, the website traffic has BLOWN UP…

(Can someone inform Stefan and his team that he needs a tan?)

Nearly everyone one I talked to has seen the blog, which is weird becasue I have yet to promote it. Again for those that don’t know…

This blog started out as a virtual journal for myself So I could keep track of all the split tests and optimizations I was doing. But now that it’s getting traction… 

I’m getting a ton of emails from community members like yourself sharing their split test and optimizations…

Which means everyone is gonna make a whole lot more dough 🤑!

In fact I have a call this week with one of the BYC members who added +690% to his EPC… which I’ll be sharing in a future post.

As they say… A rising tide raises all ships.

So if you have one that you want to share, respond to this email and I’ll shoot you my calendly. 

Anyways, there’s a lot to unpack in this email, so let’s get into it…

My new book – The 77 Laws Of Six Pack Abs – is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

And for the first week we’re putting the kindle edition on sale for 99c! Yes, I realize this has absolutely NOTHING to do with split tests or BYC…

But I’m super proud of this book…And I whole heartedly believe it’s the best six pack abs / fat loss book on the internet. 

The podcast tour the last few weeks has been exhausting but rewarding AF. On the internet marketing side, we are running Amazon Ads to the book and will be split testing a lot, so I’ll keep you updated on the results there. 

If you want to pick up a copy, you can grab it here.

And as a little incentive for everyone…

Anyone who picks up the book this week (oct 5 2021-Oct 12 2021) and leaves a review will be entered to win a free beat your control consult.

I’ve been offering these to a few people recently and the results have been nothing short of incredible!Here’s how they work…

You send me your entire funnel – from the ad to the last backend sale – and I’ll audit it for money leaks and optimizations.

Then we’ll jump on zoom for an hour together, where I’ll break down your funnel and walk you through every optimization possible that will help you increase CVR, improve your ROAS and ultimately extract every single penny from your already funnel. 

I normally charge 1.5k for these, but you can enter to win one on the house if you pick a copy of the 77 laws this week and leave a review. 

Just forward me your receipt and I’ll enter you into the contest 🙂 

Yes, this applies for the 99c kindle edition. It’s really a no brainer haha. Alright, enough pitching… 

3 Lessons From Fb’s Worldwide Meltdown

As you know FB, IG, and Whatsapp we’re down for around 6 hours yesterday and the world almost had a meltdown.

First, owned media is king. It can’t be taken away from you or “go down”.

Which is why I put most of my energy into SEO and growing my email list. 

Secondly, is the importance of diversification. You should NEVER be reliant on just one traffic source, because sh*t happens. Fb will go down again. So will YT. So will tik-tok and the rest of em. A

nd if you have all your eggs in just one basket, you’re f*cked. Which is why I recommend, as soon as you can, diversify your traffic sources. 

And a bonus lesson… don’t build a business on a social media platform. 

You have ZERO control over your audience and income and at any point it can go down or you can get kicked off. 

It happened to me in 2018 when I was running my fitness business before I sold it and it was an absolute nightmare. 

Here’s IG’s email to me if you want to see how heartless they are…I had 51k followers at the time. It was a brutal lesson, but one I’ll never forget. 

Speaking of lessons, the legendary Mike Abramov was kind enough to write up a list of internet marketing and copywriting secrets over his past 3 years mentoring under Dan Ferrari and Arron Winter. 

You can check it out here.​

And lastly, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The weird new split test win… that my (now ex) media buyer and I stumbled upon this by a complete fluke.

I’ll write up a full post eventually on this, but I wanted to get it to you sooner to ya’ll.So here’s what happened…

We launched a new ad I wrote and it started crushing right out of the gate. 3x ROAS almost instantly. 

But within a few hours quickly it started to fatigue, which was weird because none of our ads have ever fatigued that quickly.But what was different was that this ad was getting A LOT of thumbs down…

So we decided to run the same ad, but fix the like to dislike ratio with the help of some of our friends.Put simply: we had team members manually “thumbs up” the ad.

(this is not the real like to dislike ratio, just an image I found on YT to illustrate my point)

The new ad won by 100%…Topping out at around 4x ROAS for 6 fig+ in ad spend 💰 And is currently the #3 all time best ROAS ad. 🙂 

And the results seem to be consistent over multiple ads. 

Not to mention, the ads with a positive like to dislike ratio tend to not get flagged by YT as much, which even if it doesn’t improve the ROAS, is a huge win in my books.

I’ll post a longer in-depth article on the topic once we validate further, but I wanted to give ya’ll some split test ammo in the email.That’s all I got today.- Peter

P.s. Next week I’ll be dropping a super secret interview with Brian Moncada who runs the YT agency 

Where we talk about some of the best YT media buying and script writing strategies to maximize your ROAS.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to watch the full 40min interview to get the gold because…

I’ll be extracting all of it and putting into a post that you can skim and take action on quickly

(You can, of course, also watch the interview).