34 Of The Best Copywriters To Watch Out For In 2022

As we get into 2022, I wanted to point out some copywriters who are crushing it, as well as up and comers to keep an eye out for.

This is based on my personal experience and by no means based on “data” other than what I decide.

I mean, this is my blog so I can rank whoever the fuck I want. Don’t like it? Too bad. Get your own blog 😉

And all though the list is numbered it’s not necessarily reflective of who the best is. Or… maybe it is.

Maybe it’s some super sneaky way to get everyone to compete against each other for that #1 spot MWHAHAHA…

On to the list, in no particular order…

#1 Dan Ferrari

No surprise here. The bearded Jesus is on a tear. Between his mentorship group, private consults and basement beast brand, Dan is truly unstoppable. Plus he shredz waves like no one else on this list. And he’s trained about 1/4 of the copywriters on this list.

Keep up with him by getting on his list here: http://www.ferrarimedia.com/

#2 Alen Sultanic

Everything this man touches turns to literal gold. His free advice is better than almost any paid education on the internet currently and he’s setting the new standard for what internet marketing education should be.

I’m expecting him to completely take over the industry in 2022. Join his Nothing Held Back group here:

#3 Chris Wright

One of the quietest copywriters I know, Chris is quietly leading the supplement industry with his trend setting, money printing promos. Divine Locks, BioHarmony, Radiant DNA… the list goes on.

It’s no surprise I partnered with him to create the best Storytelling for marketers course (launching 2022) and have been paying him for 1-on-1 mentorship for the past 18 months.

He’s also launched a badass newsletter for marketers which you can learn here: https://conversionconfidential.substack.com

#4 Chris “MoneyFingers” Haddad

Mr. Moneyfingers is back! Both is old and new promos are continuously breaking the internet and he’s finally put his wildly magnificent brain into a course: The P.I.G. Method.

The course is gangbusters. But even better, was the masterclass he gave on how to run a million dollar product launch with zero affiliates.

Keep up with him here.

#5 Stefan Georgi

One half of Copy Accelerator, Stefan continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of copy and conversions. Especially with compliance.

And with his new protégé, he’s set to crush 2022 across multiple industries.

Join his list here.

#6 Peter Kell

After helping a well known skin care company go from 0-45M in one year and then exiting, the VSL magician is on to his next project with MindValley. Expect a new level of VSLs coming from him that will set the standard for internet marketing throughout 2022 and beyond.

Peter’s a super cool dude and 100% worth following for all things life, creativity, and marketing: https://peterkell.com/

#7 Mike Abramov

Another quiet name, Mike is one the hidden copy geniuses who has controls in more industries than anyone I know. This will be his breakout year where he no longer plays in the shadow’s and everyone should be worried. Thankfully I pay him lots of money for copy consulting, so I’m sure he’ll be kind to me.

Stay up to date with him by getting on his list here: https://mikeabramov.com/

#8 Justin Goff

The other half of Copy Accelerator, Justin is the go to direct response marketer for everything AOV and upsells. 2022 is going to be a huge year as he moves towards passive income, work-life balance and teaching his investment strategies.

He shares a ton of marketing insight and life insight on his list. Sign up here.

#9 John Romaniello / Wellspring Media

John has been doing this long before most of us even knew what copywriting was. He’s my current writing (not copywriting) mentor and by far the coolest person on this list.

He’s also the only person I know that’s made over 6 figures selling olive oil from one email, and one of the few to do multiple 7 figure affiliate launches.

His agency Wellspring Media, which includes two elite writers Brett Kaufman and Yogev Almog, is creating some groundbreaking marketing campaigns for influencers and direct to consumer companies.

Get on his list here: https://johnromaniello.com/

#10 Nick Verge

Another VSL wizard, Nick has been on an absolute tear the past year. Racking up client win after client win and setting a new standard for beating controls.

Connect with him here

#11 Jerrod Harlan

The email king himself, Jerrod runs some of the internet’s biggest email lists and easily helps his clients make millions extra every year. One of the humblest and most jacked dudes in the industry foresure.

Tanner and Jerrod also recently launched a course, which you can check out here: https://7figureemails.podia.com

#12 Tanner Henkel

Just a few years ago, Tanner was working at Abercrombie. Today, he’s running some of the biggest IM lists on the internet and one of the go-to guys for all things email. Keep an eye on him in 2022.

Tanner and Jerrod also recently launched a course, which you can check out here: https://7figureemails.podia.com

#13 Rob Bennett

The monster copywriter behind a lot of traffic and funnels success, Rob is knocking out winner after winner. The man knows funnel architecture like no one else.

He’s also one of the sharpest internet marketers out there, so everyone better be on their toes.

Connect with him here.

#14 Dan Ludgater

Another gangster copywriter from traffic and funnels, Dan is responsible for some of the internet’s hottest offers in the coaching and consulting space. He’s branching out on his own now and I expect him to take over the industry.

Connect with him here.

#15 Peter Tzemis

It’s been a pretty big year for myself. Launching multiple offers, becoming a bestselling author and slowly transitioning into the go to offer optimizer.

2022 is going to be HUGE with a few plays in the pet space and crypto/NFT/onlyfans market, as I slowly transition out of hardcore direct response.

If you’re not on my list, subscribe now or follow me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/petertzemis/

#16 Austin Dixon

Austin has been quietly crushing the hair loss niche with his offer and finding new ways to gather leads and customers. His groundbreaking video on how to acquire tik-tok leads for pennies was unbelievable. I hope he brings back his A-list marketer newsletter in 2022 as it was one of the best.

Get on his list here: https://alistmarketer.com/

#17 Joey Percia

Joey is one of the most skilled email copywriters and strategic thinkers out there. He uses customs Email Scaling Roadmaps to help businesses quickly find hidden profits and turn their list into a customer producing and brand building asset.

Joey’s worked with 100’s of clients across 40+ different industries. He’s the head of email copy for an 8 figure health company and runs a boutique marketing firm for purpose-driven businesses doing 1mm+. They bring their clients at least 5 more hours, referrals, and 5k per week without them having to hire or manage any more people.

Follow him for random shenanigans or get his best-selling fitness marketing book here:


#18 Randall Pruitt

Another rockstar, Randall is a copy monster, writing some of the hottest offers on the internet. It seems whatever he touches turns to money, so I’d keep an eye on him in 2022.

Randall has become one of the highest paid copywriters in the world, making over $500k in a single year solely from copywriting income. You may have noticed some of Randall’s huge controls, like his 9 figure testosterone promo for VShred amongst others.

Connect with him here

#19 Ed Reay

One of the youngest and most prolific marketers on this list, Ed has cemented himself as an A-lister over the past few years, helping his clients add millions of dollars to their bottom line. If you can nab him, put him on your team.

Connect with him here.

#20 Troy Ericson

The email paramedic has blown up in the last few years, cementing himself as the go to email guy for getting inboxed. Big things in 2022 as he continues to grow his brand.

You can follow him here: https://www.troyericson.com/

#21 Pauline Longdon

One of the most badass legends on this list, Pauline has been slaying the industry longer than I’ve been writing. She has her hands in multiple wining offers including the most recent podcast-style VSLs. Definitely keep an eye on her in 2022.

Connect with her here.

#22 Kate Vidulich

The secret weapon behind some of the biggest health and beauty brands online, Kate’s copy has grossed tens-of-millions of dollars in the past year for clients.

She helped one of the top skincare companies in DR go from 8 to 9 figures, and she’s written multiple major controls in the personal development and law of attraction niches too.

Connect with her here.

#23 Grant Poulson

The new kid on the block, Grant alongside the crypto God Scott Phillips has quickly become a household name, writing one of the hottest offers of 2021.

Excited to see his growth in 2022 as he cements his authority.

Connect with him here.

#24 Luke Mills

As Stefan’s protégé, Luke has quickly created a name for himself as one of the best copywriters out there. He’s created multiple 7 and 8 figure offers over the last year that are scaling right now, including for folks like Mattia Paganelli, Steve Gunn, and others.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he launches his own offers in 2022 given his skillset.

Connect with him here.

#25 Ning Li

Another legend, Ning keeps it quiet. But his success is nothing to be ignored. He runs a killer mentorship group and is one of the best copywriter teachers.

Connect with him here.

#26 Heath Wilcock

The advertorial king, Heath leads the entire industry in what advertorials should be and what they should be converting at. Do not ignore this man.

#27 Ben Marcoux

In addition to running Stefan’s RMBC calls for over a year, Ben is a true student of direct response.

His outside the box ideas are incredible, he’s brilliant at FB Ads, Email Copy, long-form, and more…and his copy has generated tens-of-millions for clients in a wide variety of niches.

Connect with him here.

#28 Samantha Novak

Samantha has quickly become one of the best copywriters in the industry, and as far as I know, constantly booked up.

Plus she always goes the extra mile to help people out, especially newbies. Plus she’s Canadian, which gives her a +1 in my books.

Connect with her here.

#29 Brian Speronello

The freelance king, Brian has cemented himself as the go to guy for growing your freelance business as a copywriter. I expect to see him breakout in 2022 as his personal brand continues to grow.

You can learn more here: https://freelancelikeapro.com/

#30 Loren Pinilis

Loren has been on quite the tear, and is the go-to expert for all things facebook. He’s also been a key player in helping a number of newer writers get started with jobs. Big things coming in 2022 for him.

Connect with him here.

#31 Michael Rochin

With one of the best zero to hero story, Michael has quickly become a recognizable (and loveable) face in the game. But don’t let that take away from his copy chops, because he’s currently one of the go to email copywriters in the industry.

Connect with him here.

#32 Brian Li

Recommended to me by the legendary Chris Wright, Brian has ben writing for some big names, including Truegenics.

Connect with him here.

#33 Jazz Courtenay

Jazz is a phenomenal writer and a genuinely amazing human. He’s quickly risen in the industry despite writing for just a few years and will soon be a go to writer for many of the biggest brands.

Connect with him here.

#34 Tiana Asperjan

Seemingly out of nowhere, Tiana has taken the industry by storm. Right out of the gate, she was running all the marketing for one of the biggest health brands and now has gone full freelance, cranking out winners for the likes of Emily Lark, Amber Spears and Mike Geary. 2022 will be her breakout year.

Connect with her here.

Pour Conclure

If you didn’t make the list, don’t sweat it. It’s highly competitive and it means nothing towards your value as a copywriter, marketer, and human being.

That being said, up your ante in 2022 and who knows, you might very well find yourself at the top 😉