New “no-rules” upsell beats the control by 62.5%

I know I’ve been quiet.

It’s been 6 months.

6 Months since I posted the infamous copywriter list that took this blog from a couple hundred to thousands of hits per month.

6 months since I’ve shared a split test win.

6 months since I’ve emailed my list.

Why? Because I’ve been building.

My new pets company is on track to break records.

I have a thriving mastermind with over 40 members and 8 VIP members.

I’m speaking at one of the most badass marketing events later this year, run by Brett Fairell…

And I keep beating controls with my writing and one-on-one consulting.

In fact I have fifty-two, yes 52, data driven split tests to share with you before the end of the year.

Most will be shared on the blog. Some will just be for my mastermind. And some will only go to my email list, which is why you should be on there. Sign up here.

In the mean time though, I got a win from Mike Abramov that’s too good to pass up. And he’s graciously agreed to share it.




From the desk of Mike Abramov

As a marketer, my best ideas come from thinking outside the box. Maybe you’re the same way.

I can still hear David Deutsch’s voice during a few calls I had with him earlier in my career:

“Do away with the rulebooks, Mike!”

And every once in a while, I’ll test a new hypothesis that’ll become my go-to moving forward.

This is about one of those times.

See, I was recently tasked to beat an upsell funnel for premier skincare company.

Their original upsells were solid. Profitable, too.

But let me skip to the good part for you:

I tested a new upsell strategy and it boosted conversions by 62.5%. 

Which is pretty cool.

Because when you think about writing an upsell…

What comes to mind?

You’re told to congratulate the customer.

To tell them they’re in the right spot. To introduce a new problem they’ll run into with the product.

To hit them with an offer that’s such a no-brainer…

They’d be stupid to say no.

But allow me to share a different perspective:

If the offer is dialed in…

… which, for most supplements and skincare items, it’s going to be more of what they just bought…

Then your goal is to simply make sure the customer consumes the dang copy all the way through. Do that and you’ve won.

The fastest way to ensure that?

Frame the entire upsell as one big “Quick-Start Guide” to what they just bought.

Think about it this way:

Let’s say you just bought a fancy-shmancy serum.

You’re excited to try it.

Wouldn’t you read instructions on how best to use it for maximum results?

Of course you would.

Which is why when I sat down to beat their controls, I laced in a boatload of open loops throughout the copy, like…

“This page is to let you in on a few best-kept beauty secrets when it comes to getting the most out of your new routine, so stick with me (some secrets are just too good to keep to yourself).”

… to share some dos and don’ts of using the serum.

“In a few days, when you receive [PRODUCT NAME], here’s what to do FIRST.”

… to walk them through how to use the serum best, step by step, every morning.

“And what’s the #1 thing that makes busy women like us fall off the wagon when it comes to [PRODUCT NAME]?”

… to share the problem with running out of the serum too soon.

“Which brings me to a very important question (one that could be a total make or break for [PRODUCT NAME]).”

… to set up the fact that a timeless, radiant look comes from consistent use over of the product over the long term, and tee up the sale.

Obviously, there’s more to the execution of it.

Get to the point already

Do you see how each of these snippets contain important information the customer needs to know before getting started with their product?


Now, open loops shouldn’t be the only weapon inside of your upsell-beating arsenal. But if I had to guess, they’re probably one of your most underutilized right now.

Which makes the takeaway simple:

Sprinkle in enough instructional material in the form of open loops for first-time customers…

And they’ll consume every last word of your copy.

I bet conversions will skyrocket.

Hopefully this helps spark some creative ideas for you.

– Mike