Email case study breakdown: 5 emails, $47,083 extra generated.

Hey guys,

Some of you may know that I run a small mentorship coaching program with absolute killers (if you’re interested, feel free to reach out: – but there’s a waiting list).

And today I want to highlight one of my students, because they got life changing results for their client, and hit that elite 1m/month club.

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Yo yo. It’s Maciej, and I run Converté (an info marketing agency) with 2 other business partners. And in March, we ran a launch for a biz-opp client, came to Peter for strategies of how to squeeze out the most revenue possible…

Jumped on one call with him, implemented his strategies, and with ONLY 5 emails, we made over $47,000 for this client!

In this post, I’m gonna break down all 5 emails (average $9.4k generated per email) and all the gems Peter provided with us.

But overall, here’s what happened:

  • 47,083 generated with 5 emails. It took us a total of 4 hours to create these emails and added a crazy amount of profit for our clients business
  • Averaged $9,400 in sales per email. Which’s well above the industry standard, especially as this was a low ticket offer priced at $197 .
  • Launched a new offer just for his email list around 3 weeks ago and it’s about to hit 6 figures. This was while having NO upsells with the offer.

A very happy client & team.

Let’s start with the results of the promo.

On-page conversion rate = 5.77%

AOV = $197

Total cash generated = $47,083

Now lets dive deep into the 5 emails that generated these numbers:

Email 1 (Opens: 63.1%. Clicks N/A (this email was without a link, just anticipation)

Date: 28/02/23

From Name: Will & 7-fig team

Subject Line: I called an “emergency” eCom meeting last week (here’s why)

Hey {{first_name}}}.

Last week, I called an emergency meeting with my  7-figure eCom team to discuss a new way to accelerate — even guarantee — your success with ecommerce – Started off with a small “story” to make this launch seem even more exciting/exclusive

And no I’m not talking about how to create a small side hustle. I’m talking about ways to build an ecom business so big you can put in a notice to your 9-5.

For good.

We spent days brainstorming ideas of how to bring you something you’ve never seen…

And we’ve finally cracked the code in making something for you.

This collab allows you to NOT worry about  In the bullets below, we bring up the common “objections” of why someone may not be succeeding with eCom & let the audience know they don’t need to worry (it’s all thanks to this product being unveiled tomorrow)

  • Trying to find the best supplier
  • Not being able to create profitable FB ads
  • Spending weeks, if not months finding a “winning product”
  • Creating a highly-converting website and constantly making tweaks cuz you’re not satisfied
  • Or anything else that may be stopping you from getting started

Because everything is gonna be done for you

Yes, you read that right.

This is a brand NEW innovative offer that’s never been rolled out to the public and going to generate so many ecom winners it isn’t even funny – Once again, making this seem super exclusive & brand-new

So if you wanna accelerate your way to making money with eCommerce…

Set yourself a reminder NOW for 1 PM EST tomorrow!  Very clear CTA, getting the list to commit to a time so they’re ready to redeem this offer

I’m gonna be sharing all the info about this collab and how you can redeem it.

The majority of my audience doesn’t even know something like this exists…

But for you as a VIP List member, my team and I are giving you this opportunity for 72 hours only! – This offer isn’t given to everyone, you’re only receiving this as you’re a “VIP List member” – makes the people reading feel special + wanted

You’re not gonna wanna miss out on this {{first_name}}…

Because this could be your moment to “finally” make this online thing work for you.

Set yourself a reminder NOW for 1 PM EST tomorrow!

Speak to you tomorrow,


Maciej’s thoughts: 

This email is just an initial anticipation message & the sole focus is to inform the list something is happening & they’ve been exclusively selected to redeem the offer. In previous launches, we got the list to micro-commit their interest (reply yes if you wanna redeem) but we went with this approach and still got the job done

Email 2 (Opens: 61.2%. Clicks 0.6%)

Date: 1/03/23

From Name: Will’s E-Com Experts – Switching up the from name throughout the entire launch

Subject Line: 🤯 An ecom store done for you in 24 hours?

Preview text: [Details attached inside]

Hey, what’s up {{first_name}}!

Since you’ve redeemed VIP LIST Member status…  Playing on the “VIP” angle to make this offer seem more exclusive to the person reading

And because you’ve shown me you’re serious about running a profitable store to create the life you deserve…

I wanted to share a cool way to get a highly converting storefront built for you in 24 hours or less…

Yep, you heard that right.

Click here to get a Shopify store done for you so that you can make consistent sales from day ZERO >>  Clear CTA with clear benefit to drive the click

Here’s your timeline:

You click here and get a stunning branded Shopify store created for you in 24 hours or less…

While that’s happening, in the background, we find you 30 winning products and add them to your store, so you don’t need to do research yourself…

We take care of all legal pages and connect you with high-quality suppliers, so your customers have the best experience possible…

And when it’s time to run ads?

You’re ALREADY set for sales to come in consistently.

When you wake up in the morning, the Shopify notifications are coming… – This section below paints the “rosy picture” of what the audience will experience when they redeem their offer

When you’re on your way to the gym, the sales are coming…

In the evening, on your sofa, you keep checking your phone and only see “you’ve just made a sale of $34.99” notifications…

This is WHY I decided to partner up with my 7-figure team to give you this opportunity.

I want to make this process easy for you.

So you can begin making sales quicker and prevent the pitfalls of doing it yourself – A section of the people reading will have “tried” doing this themselves, but this offer helps them see success without all the complications (1 of the main selling points of the offer)

If you’re ready to skip all the “trial and error” and want a highly-converting store built for you in 24 hours or less with 30 winning products pre-loaded and ready to sell…

Click here to redeem your Shopify store from our E-Commerce Experts >>

This is only active until 23:59 PM EST on March 3rd, so be quick – Urgency

To your eCommerce success,


P.s – Our E-Commerce Experts have 7+ years of experience and have designed 15,000+ stores that have made sales – Finishing off the email with more authority/social proof to drive more clicks

Take a look at this example…


Click here for more examples >> – Frictionless CTA

💡 Maciej’s thoughts:

This is the first day of the promo. We kept consistent with the “VIP LIST MEMBER” angle to make it seem like this offer was exclusive (which it was). 4 different simple CTA’s throughout the email to drive as many clicks as possible. We also mentioned they wouldn’t only be receiving the store but imported winning products, a connection to suppliers, and more – making the offer even more of a no-brainer.

Email 3 (Opens: 61.2%. Clicks 0.6)

Date: 2/03/23

From Name: Will @ EDU – Switched up the from name throughout the launch

Subject Line: The “secret” to a flood of sales in just 24 hours?

Preview text: 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Wanna know why most eCommerce sellers fail to make money online?

It’s a “simple and overlooked” thing that prevents them from getting sales and making the same (if not more) money than they do at their 9-5… And just understanding this element already puts you in the 1% of sellers online.

Here it is…

People skip “the fundamentals” for selling products online.

They jump straight to the “how much money can I make?” part.

And forget:

A store that converts prospects into paying customers on their first visit… – Curiosity-driven CTA

An easy order processor so your customers can easily pay you…

A network of suppliers that can ship products to customers with fast delivery…

These are the  “fundamentals” of eCommerce.

And even though they are the most important piece of the puzzle, 99% of sellers overlook these elements.

They spend more time chasing million-dollar ideas than they do making sure they have the basics that will ever allow them to get to that level. That’s why people can make millions selling simple products like natural deodorant, decorative lamps, and even camera accessories.

Because the fundamentals always win.

And that’s also why many don’t see the success they want…

I experienced similar things when I started.

But this is NOT our fault…

Even though there are hella YouTube videos out there, these creators are only showing us the “what they’re making” piece… – Invalidating other “solutions” out there + letting the list know the reason why they’re NOT succeeding is that they haven’t got a proven system to guide them there (the offer is this system)

We’re not presented with any proven system to create this base 🙁

But I’ve got good news for you {{first_name}}…

I partnered up with our E-Commerce Experts, who have 7+ years of experience and have built 15,000+ stores that are generating consistent revenue – Authority + proof

And we’re here today to build this entire base for you. So you can begin collecting cash from day zero and don’t need to worry about doing it all yourself.

We’ll create a highly-converting Shopify store, find 30 winning products for you, connect you with high-quality suppliers, do the entire backend, and more ALL in less than 24 hours…  Reinforcing the key value propositions with the offer

Plus, you’ll also get our “secret” Facebook Ads guide so that you can market your store right away as well! – Highlighting a key bonus of the offer

This is an opportunity we’ve NEVER rolled out to the public… – Once again, creating this “exclusive” aura around the product, making it even more of a no-brainer to the people reading

But you get access as you’re a VIP LIST Member!

Click here to get your entire eCommerce base completed for you by our experts in 24 hours or less >>

It’s as easy as… – Humans always gravitate towards “easy” & this was one of the main selling points of this offer

  1. Allow our experts to create you a highly-converting Shopify store, including 30 winning products you can sell and connections with high-quality suppliers
  2. Receive your entire eCommerce base in 24 hours or less
  3. Begin driving traffic to your store to make consistent sales

They’ve validated their system for 15,000+ other Shopify stores… – Proof

Now they’re here to do it for you!

Click here to get a highly-converting Shopify store done for you in 24 hours or less now >>  Clear CTA to drive the click

See you inside,


Founder, E-Com Degree University

P.S – We’re only offering this until 3rd March 23:00 PM EST, so be quick! – Urgency

You’ve got just over 24 hours!

The clock is ticking…

{{countdown timer}}  Dynamic countdown timer to create more currency

*Click here to claim your offer before it’s gone forever >> – *Reinforcing the fact this offer will not come back + heavy on FOMO

💡 Maciej’s thoughts:

**This was an “unconventional” launch email as we started the messaging off which a story of why eCommerce sellers fail in making sales. In all emails, we highlight the urgency & we tested adding a countdown timer in this one… yes it helped push people over edge.

Email 4 (Opens: 63.5%. Clicks 0.47%)

Email #4 and email #5 brought in the most rev, here’s why:

Date: 3/03/23

From Name: Will @ EDU

Subject Line: [Final Call] 6-figure Shopify store done for YOU – Heavy emphasis on the “last 24 hours” messaging throughout the entire email

Preview text: ‌ ‌ – This code makes the entire preview text section blank, making the email more visible in the customer’s inbox

Hey {{first_name}}!

This is your last chance to redeem this active offer that’s never been rolled out to the public…

And get my 7-figure E-Com Team to build and launch you a highly-converting Shopify store within 24 hours, so you can make your first 5-6 figures online!

When the clocks reach 5 PM EST tomorrow, we won’t be accepting any more people to get inside as we’re pouring our attention into serving all those that already redeemed their store – Urgency + reasoning behind the fact this offer will be ending

So before it’s gone forever…

Click here to get a highly-converting Shopify store done for you within 24 hours >>

This is not all you’ll be getting as well – Offer stacking below

We’ll also connect you with high-quality suppliers with fast and cheap shipping…

Find and import 30 winning products to your store so that you don’t have to do the research for yourself and are ready to make sales from day zero…

Provide you with our 7-figure FB ads guide so you’re ready to market right away…

Plus, SO much more!

Click here to see what else is waiting for you (next 24 hours only) >>  Clear CTA with urgency

So yeah {{first_name}}… – Classic crossroads close below. Letting people know they have the power to refuse the offer (that’s totally cool), but it could add more complications to your process + delay the time you see success. We paint this entire picture of “ah man I don’t wanna do this” & give them the option to skip all this with our offer

You could choose to create a store, find products and suppliers yourself…

Which is totally cool. I respect the hustle.

But you’ll have to spend weeks learning “Shopify store design”…

Create all the graphics yourself (could take even more time if you’ve got zero design experience)…

And also spend time finding products yourself.

Or alternatively…

You can simply click here and let our 7-figure team do this all for you, so you just chill and can begin making sales quicker.

The choice is all yours.

But if you’re anything like the x others who are already getting their highly-converting stores built for them and are ready to fast-track your way to eCommerce success…  Transition to CTA with social proof

Click here to redeem this offer while you still can >>  CTA with urgency

Let’s make this bread,


P.S – My E-Commerce team has 7+ years of experience and has validated their systems for 15,000+ other eCommerce sellers who are finding their breakthroughs online…  This P.S section is dedicated entirely to proof

Just meet some of these new sellers:

{{REVIEW 1}}

{{REVIEW 2}}

{{REVIEW 3}}

“I’m seeing nothing but dollar signs from here”  Extracting a key phrase from the review to paint the picture more

{{REVIEW 4}}

Are you ready to do the same?

Before this opportunity is gone for good… – FOMO

Click here to let my 7-figure eCom team build and launch your store in 24 hours >>

💡 Maciej’s thoughts:

In this email, we let the list know they’ve only got 24 hours to redeem the offer. The main goal of this email is to inject so much urgency/FOMO the people reading have no choice but to click the link.

Email 5 (Opens: 63.2%. Clicks 0.6%)

Date: 4/03/23

From Name: Will @ EDU

Subject Line: URGENT: Final reminder

Preview Text: 6-figure Shopify store done for YOU

Hey {{first_name}}!

This will be the FINAL reminder you’ll receive about claiming your exclusive offer… – Urgency & FOMO

And getting a highly-converting Shopify store built for you within 24 hours!

When the clocks reach 00:00 on this page, your offer will be gone for good and won’t come back again – More FOMO

So before it’s gone forever…

Click here to get a highly-converting Shopify store built for you within 24 hours >>


Let’s make this bread,


P.S – My team will also connect you with highly-vetted suppliers with fast and cheap shipping…

Find and import 30 winning products on your store, so you make cash from day zero…

Plus, we’re also handing you our exclusive 7-figure FB ads guide that’ll allow you to begin getting people interested and buying from your online store within days… – Mentioning some bonuses of the offer to push as MANY people over the edge as possible

And it’s never coming back 🙁

If you’re ready to join hundreds of others who’ve already redeemed their offer and are fast-tracking their way to sales online… – Social proof

Click here NOW to redeem this offer >>

P.S.S – And yeah {{first_name}} you could choose to do this all alone… – Finishing off with a crossroads close letting the people know how “complicated” it will be if they decide to do this all alone & that they’ll add a LOT OF time to their success period. People don’t wanna do the work & we’re framing this offer as the “easy route” to seeing the eCommerce success you want. We’re giving them a sense of power, too which was a key element in making this email bring in a lot of conversions

Go onto Shopify, pick your theme, design the store, add pictures, do the backend, add all the legal stuff…

Contact a lot of suppliers (likely have poor experiences at first) until you find the right one…

And spend weeks trying to find products that people would actually buy!

Or you could redeem your exclusive offer right here and skip all this…

Ensuring you’re ready to begin making sales within 24 hours, and not months – See success within 24 hours, and not months (if you decide to do this all alone). Main selling point

The choice is all yours, but if you’re ready to start getting sales in 24 hours and not months…

Click here to redeem your exclusive offer before it’s gone forever >>

💡 Maciej’s thoughts:

The perfect finishing email. It combines elements of all the previous emails with urgency, selling points and crossroad closes. But this one was sent closer to the time when the promo ended & it’s why this email brought in majority of the revenue.