DC Comic’s “The Flash” Adds A 22% lift to our VSL

Let’s start off by getting one thing clear…

Marvel > DC

(Except maybe for Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy)

Anyways… What does the Flash have to do with improving VSL conversions?

Well… It’s all about speed.

Money loves speed

We’ve all heard this saying before, and it’s true.

Money does love speed.

Because the faster you move, the faster you pivot, the faster you fail… the more money is attracted to you.

And you know what else loves speed?


People hate slow things.

Just think about how frustrated you get when the wifi is slow… or zoom is lagging… or a phone call drops.

People want things now.

The biggest issue with long form copy is speed

VSLs run anywhere from 30-60 minutes…

TSLs can take 15-20 minutes to read…

That’s a lot of time.

Especially in today’s ADHD society where everyone is getting push button notifications and addicted to the dopamine hits of constantly checking their phone.

Which is why no one is watching your videos, ads, or VSLs to completion.

And unless your Mark Manson, Neil Strauss or John Romaniello, no one is reading your words consistently without being interrupted.

Heck – my guess is that you might’ve checked your phone at least one while reading this 😉.

It gets worse

Because you can’t shorten the sales process.

You still need to walk the prospect through the entire VSL or TSL.

Sure you can shorten in a bit – but the best converting offers almost always rely on some sort of long pitch…

Whether in video form, in text, or over the phone.

It takes time to stir emotions.

Let me show you how to hack time.

VSL Time Warping

This is definitely one of the coolest techniques I’ve seen for improving CVR without changing the copy.

And no – I didn’t make this up lol. I’m not that smart.

Like any good artist, I stole this from the giants who’ve built this industry. Specifically from Alen Sultanic – https://www.facebook.com/groups/nothingheldback/.

Back to making you money…

If you have a video editor on hand, they can probably knock this out in one hour.

It’s simple.

Simply make the VSL playback at 110-120% speed.

This allows you to get your entire pitch in, while shaving off VSL time – which means more people can get through the VSL without getting distracted.

= more $$ in your bank account.

Plus, it doesn’t really sound different.

Our results after 2 weeks showed a 22% boost on our VSL

We changed nothing else.

Literally not a single word of copy.

And after 2 weeks of data, increasing the speed to 110% showed a 22% lift to our VSL.

I except even more of a lift when we make it 115-120%.

But it goes beyond VSLs…

FB Ads… YT Ads…

Literally any video medium seems to get a positive boost with this speed addition.

Try it out yourself, and lmk the results.