The biggest (& most overlooked) VSL needle-mover to maximize profits and conversions

So I’m here sitting in Naples, FL for my co-author’s wedding.

(here’s the #1 bestselling book I’m talking about)

And it’s made me think of a few things…

One of those things is the biggest hidden needle mover of any VSL (that no one tests)…

Yes, this is what I was thinking about during the rehearsal today.

We practiced walking down the beach…

Which order we go in. When to move, and when not to. How to stand to not take away attention from the bride and groom.

Even which hands to put over the other (it’s left over right – weird, I know).

The hand placement shocked me because she showed us photos of us not being in sync and then being in sync, and it was a C-R-A-Z-Y difference.

The point being, there are A LOT of details that go into a wedding that are often overlooked.

But ultimately, make a massive difference in what makes some weddings good, and some great!

VSLs are no different.

And one of the most overlooked, hidden, and forgotten about needle movers has nothing to do with the ad copy, page design, or even the offer.

It’s the spokesperson.

Spokespeople can make or break a VSL (yet no one tests them).

Read that statement again. Because it will change the way you approach launching VSLs.

When I was at Traffic and Funnels, and we were scaling the Inbound Closer to 2M/month on YT, we were writing about 10-20 ads per week.

Our spokesperson at the time could not shoot that many ads with everything else he had going on.

So we needed to innovate.

What we started doing is testing different actors and customers out of necessity.


Men, women, blonde, brunette…

Australian, Canadian, Spanish…

Different races, ethnicities, backgrounds

Literally, everything was tested.

And it resulted in 3x ROAS across the board.

No changes in script, location, Br0ll, or call to action.

Which is why when we originally launched the first Pup Labs VSL, I knew that the spokesperson would be a massive needle mover for us.

The first 2 Pup Labs VSLs

So we originally shot 2 VSLs.

First was with myself and Zoe

The second was with my dog trainer Steph

$48 higher AOV & massive CVR differences

The results were clear

Testing spokespeople out of the gate saved Pup Labs.

My video had $48 higher AOV, but significantly lower CVR.

Steph, on the other hand, was amazing at instilling trust and keeping viewers engaged…

But lacked on the AOV.

So we ended up writing a new close for her and coaching her through selling hard through video.

This ended up in a cold traffic converting VSL.

And if we didn’t do this – if we didn’t test different spokespeople, Pup Labs wouldn’t be here today.

Pour Conclure

Test your spokespeople.

Different markets respond to different people, faces, races, and voices.

If you can’t test with a VSL right away, test on the ads side.

Same script, same location, same Br0ll. You want to isolate the spokesperson and see who performs the best. Then roll them out to every winning marketing asset (both paid and organic content).

It’s also a way to get a ton of ads without having to write new scripts or rely on your spokesperson (they are human and do get sick, demotivated, travel, etc.)