This simplest email split test win (40% more profit per send) – no copy changes needed

Okay, so this one is a simple but goodie.

So one of the things I talk about a lot is People over Profits and Profit over Revenue (P>P>R).

What this means is that when you place importance on the people first, which means delivering good products and customer experience, you will ultimately make (and keep) more profit and generate a lot more revenue.

And this applies to all aspects of business and funnels.

Take email for example.

Many of the readers in my supplement business are going to be 50+.

These people in general, tend to be technically slower than the younger generation.

That means we need to reduce all friction possible when it comes to our customers buying.

Less Buying Friction = More Profit Per Send

And one of the easiest ways to do this is with email fonts.

So with email, the standard font size is 14px.

A good size, but for our older customers, this can be difficult to read.

And the last thing we want is them having to strain their eyes and squint to be able to read.

So we decided to test it.

Or rather my good friend who I shall keep anonymous, decided to.

He launched a split test (which has been replicated a million times by myself) that involves only one change.

One email has 14px sizing The next has 16px sizing

Yes, the exact same from name, subject line, body copy, CTA, and image.

Can you guess the difference in revenue?

The email that had the bigger font size – and this is real data –

Pulled in not 10%, not 20%

40% more profit per send from a font size change

40% more money from just increasing the font size on an email.

We’ve tested this dozens of times and every time this test holds.

The bigger font size email wins.

Pour Conclure

Email font sizing test comes back to this idea of tailoring your marketing, messaging, and tech stack to your client.

By increasing font size, you are reducing buying friction by making it easier for your prospects to consume your message.

And that’s the real key. Make it easy for people to pay attention to your marketing and you will make millions.


P.s. we will be continuing to test 18px and 20px.

I will update you when we have more conclusive data on what’s winning.