Cheeky Checkout Page Split Test Adds An Extra $4,380,000

Today’s post comes from my good friend Stefan Georgi. Enjoy! PT If you missed the news yesterday…We launched a major new component to that’s titled “Learning”… And while that’s kind of a generic name…The trainings inside are anything but boring. For example, this morning I was watching one of the trainings called “9 Cheeky Split Test Winners”… … Read more

29 Lessons from 29 years of life

So it’s been a minute… (I tend to do that a lot, disappear, then reappear with gold) Soooooo I’m back for a bit. I’m gonna make these posts a bit more regular moving forward. Ideally weekly, which will include a mix of interviews, breakdown videos and long form articles… But… One thing I will be … Read more

5-Email Launch That Made $97,234 EXTRA in 1 month

Hey guys, Peter here. My private beat your control student Maciej had an awesome win helping his client add 100k to their bottom line in April. In this post, he’s going to break it all down for you! Enjoy 🙂 PT Before I dive into the emails, here are the screenshots from the launch… 3 … Read more

Email case study breakdown: 5 emails, $47,083 extra generated.

Hey guys, Some of you may know that I run a small mentorship coaching program with absolute killers (if you’re interested, feel free to reach out: – but there’s a waiting list). And today I want to highlight one of my students, because they got life changing results for their client, and hit that elite … Read more