3 YouTube Ad Lessons from 500k/mo in ad spend

You know what happens when you write, direct, and help produce 20-30 youtube ads per month for 7 1/2 months straight? You get really fucking good… Because you fail. A LOT. VidTao recently broke down our YT ads over at T&F: https://vidtao.com/try-this-lean-approach-to-test-scale-youtube-ad-creatives/ But I wanted to build on top of that from an insiders perspective, … Read more

DC Comic’s “The Flash” Adds A 22% lift to our VSL

Let’s start off by getting one thing clear… Marvel > DC (Except maybe for Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy) Anyways… What does the Flash have to do with improving VSL conversions? Well… It’s all about speed. Money loves speed We’ve all heard this saying before, and it’s true. Money does love speed. Because the faster you … Read more

How we nearly TRIPLED our upsell take rate and added $49 to the AOV by removing 90% of the copy

One of my favourite (yes that’s how you spell the word – with a “U”) things is when you find a way to increase conversions or AOV without touching the copy. Because it means that you can (probably) copy and paste the formula across multiple funnels, in multiple industries, and reap the same rewards. This … Read more