Hospital visits and the #1 marketing lesson

A nurse found me passed out in a bush in front of UCLA hopstial… At 1pm in the afternoon… 18 hours before that I was having an awesome dinner with A List copywriters Conner Larkin and Mike Abramov. And now I’m resting up at my boy, Mike Abramov’s place… (Mike, I know you’re reading this. … Read more

The GlowStick Add-To-Cart Box Beats The Control

What I love about the Glowstick box, is that it can be applied to any funnel. Across any industry. In fact, I would go as far as to say that you can use it across any page you are selling more than one package to a customer. Anyways let me show you what we did… … Read more

New “no-rules” upsell beats the control by 62.5%

I know I’ve been quiet. It’s been 6 months. 6 Months since I posted the infamous copywriter list that took this blog from a couple hundred to thousands of hits per month. 6 months since I’ve shared a split test win. 6 months since I’ve emailed my list. Why? Because I’ve been building. My new … Read more

18 Copywriting Lessons From One Of The Best

The following is from my good friend, and copy mentor, Mike Abramov. He’s one of the best copywriters in the biz and a downright badass at everything internet marketing and making money online. Everyone should be on his newsletter >> From the desk of Mike Abramov, Over the past two years, I’ve had the … Read more

TWO simple iOS 14.5 tweaks in Fb’s ad manager that halved our CPA, 10x our CVR and took one of our businesses from -10k to 100k/month

This following post was only possible thanks to my good friend Mattia Paganelli, who out of the generosity of his heart, shared with us this absolute groundbreaking win during the iOS14.5 nightmare. Enjoy 🙂 Tweak #1: Cutting our CPA in half Look at the screenshots below… Those are recent stats from 4 of our campaigns. … Read more